New Feature: My Actions

Making sure the right actions lead to the right outcomes 

Accelerating time to productivity through efficient training can be the difference between having a shift with the optimal worker composition and a shift that underperforms or poses quality risks.

In many cases, technical training is not completed in time because trainers or responsible parties are unclear of which processes need to be prioritized and what training actions to take. Because of this, Covalent built a new feature called “My Actions” which ensures every user has visibility into the most important training, evaluation and renewal tasks that they need to complete at any given time. This feature allows users to take the right steps to improve workforce outcomes. 

What is My Actions from Covalent

Now live on the Covalent platform, every employee profile has a new visualization of outstanding actions tailored to the viewer. For instance, when accessing your own profile, you see all outstanding Covalent actions. When accessing another employee’s profile, you see any of your required actions related to that person. 

Key Features

We’re excited to launch this new capability and eager to get you and your teams up and running with Covalent. For more information about the Covalent platform, please check out more of our product or reach out!

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