Right Person, Right Job.
Covalent is purpose-built software designed to train, qualify and deploy the industrial workforce. See why manufacturing leaders choose to work with us.
Qualify your workforceGET IN TOUCH
Configure & Standardize Workforce Training
Covalent makes it easy to build and deploy complex qualification workflows for specific jobs on the shop floor. Create a wide range of qualifying experiences, content and activities to validate operator capabilities.
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Qualify & Validate

Covalent works on any internet connected device, allowing for training, evaluation and remediation processes to occur in the flow of work. It's easy for trainees, trainers and supervisors to complete their action items in real-time.
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Execute & Analyze

Covalent collects granular data surrounding individual and aggregate workforce capabilities which powers our analytics. Our analytics drive better workforce decision making at the workstation, site and enterprise level.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I have not seen a product like this on the market: Covalent’s platform allows us to truly ramp up a training program for a product line. This is something Training Managers and professionals previously struggled with on a daily basis.”

VP OF OPERATIONS, Fortune 500 Automotive Manufacturer

"The value proposition of your product is stronger now than ever. There are less people to do the same jobs. There is less oversight capacity. People cannot afford to maintain spreadsheets. I honestly wish we had all of our shops on Covalent ... it would help give people a better understanding of where their skills gaps and overlap are."

Digital Operations & Quality leader, Fortune 500 A&D manufacturer

"Before Covalent, OJT was really difficult. We needed to thumb through hundreds of pages of paper while we were busy on the line.  This new system makes the process much better and faster."

operator, Fortune 500 Automotive manufacturer
The Benefits
Cost Savings & Organizational Agility
Visualize Coverage
Give floor leaders real-time visibility into who should be doing what per shift at what workstation
Ramp for Demand
Automatically assign new training based and execute efficiently based on work to be done
Analyze Productivty
Tie operational KPI’s back to individual and aggregate capability data
Predict and Fill Gaps
Predict performance, identify workforce deficiencies and highest impact remedial actions
No more paper forms and whiteboard matrices...streamline & digitizing qualification workflows
Reduce Administration
Significantly reduce manual data entry, assignment and qualification administration
Accelerate Training
Accelerate time-to-productivity through escalations and democratized workflow access
Forecast Training Needs
Understand workforce-wide capabilities & plan future needs
Automate outcome-based triggers to deliver remedial training
Prohibit unqualified workers from running high-stakes processes and or executing buy-offs they shouldn't
Ensure Compliance
Generate real-time compliance reports up to internal & external standards, backed by a digital audit trail
Analyze & Predict
Integrate with MES & QMS systems to predict individual & workforce-wide quality risks based on workforce capability
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