Purpose-built for OJT


With the most experienced workers retiring and the pace of technological change increasing, on-the-job training (OJT) – for both incumbents and apprentices – is more critical than ever for industrial businesses. Yet, most companies do not have the tools in place to meet the demands of dynamic OJT or to analyze workforce proficiency.


Covalent Networks provides a dynamic web & mobile-based platform that brings the three primary OJT workflows online:
Easily design/configure your company’s OJT workflow to support organizational goals
Upload training instructions, evaluation criteria and reference documents
Assign specific training objectives or create automated training pathways by position group
Track individual training processes including: sign-offs, confirmations, demonstrations and more
Create and run detailed proficiency reports to make critical staffing decisions
Leverage outcome data to inform process improvements


Notable Product Features

Configurable workflows
Comprehensive real-time skill gap analysis
Multi-persona user capabilities

Notable Tech Specs

Secure cloud-based application
Web & mobile interfaces
API integrations available
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Accelerate speed-to-productivity

Reduce admin time for all trainees, trainers, and managers

Gain real-time visibility into the expertise of your workforce

Make staffing decisions based on better data

Enforce scalable training practices


Precision Manufacturing
High-Tech Electronics
Medical Devices

About Us

Our Mission:
To enable economic self-reliance by equipping people with in-demand skills

Our Fundamental Tenets


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