Qualification Management
Build qualification workflows, monitor stakeholder progress, and leverage real-time workforce qualification data to enhance operations.

Covalent manages the full qualification lifecycle for your workforce.
Configure Robust Qualification Processes
Create & deploy robust multi-step, multi-stakeholder qualification workflows while dramatically reducing administrative time
Deploy Intuitive Workflows On-The-Floor
Prompt stakeholder action with guided, step-by-step workflow execution.
Get a 360° View of Operator Proficiency
Operator profiles serve as the source of truth for operators proficiency information — from training plans & role-specific skills to quality & production performance analysis.
Key Features
Workflow Creation
  • Qualification Mapping to Work
  • Training & Process builder
  • Evaluation builder
  • Custom Requalification Logic
  • Certification & Role-based pathways
On-the-floor Interface
  • Intuitive Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Design
  • OJT & Performance Tracker
  • Real-time Data Capture
  • Role specific Content & Action
  • Dynamic Filtering and Search
Automated Administration
  • Custom Expiration Rules
  • Bulk Assignment and Overrides
  • Escalations based on time and role
  • Email Notifications based on role
  • Action & View Specific Permissions
Find out how you can use this data to improve workforce operations
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