Consistent, data-driven assignment

Intelligent Work Allocation (IWA) arms frontline leaders with a data-driven approach to job assignment improving efficiency and reducing time to work.

Intuitive Job Prioritization

Prioritize jobs easily using a simple drag & drop interface
Simple Team Management
Dynamically manage team availability pre-shift to account for last- minute absenteeism or shift schedule changes
Dynamic Assignment Engine
Get leverage out of a machine learning engine and granular data to receive optimized assignment recommendations
Unique Performance Insights
Generate insights from historic worker performance based on progress and efficiency

Unlock new value

Save Time
30%+ supervisor time savings for planning and pre-shift activities
Boost Productivity
5%+ productivity gains by leveraging the IWA match system
Bolster Flexibility
React to last minute changes in demand, materials and worker availability
Improve Communication
Streamline communication across shifts and zones
Codify Expertise
Digitize tacit workforce knowledge held only by experienced supervisors
Try IWA for yourself
Check out how your team can leverage granular data to perform complex assignment decisions using IWA
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