Improved Data Visibility Results in Increased Coverage and Efficient Audits

Accurate data is the basis for success across many business functions. In the case of workforce operations, it is challenging to run audits, train employees, or evaluate performance without it. However, sometimes, whether through dated technology or shifting responsibilities, data can become unreliable or static. This particular jet engine manufacturing facility, which employs more than 800 workers and produces some of the most advanced aerospace technology, was experiencing difficulties maintaining critical workforce data which would ensure quality and drive productivity. With the help of Covalent, plant leadership was able to improve its auditing process, standardize its training process, and increase overall skill coverage across its facility.


Before deploying the Covalent platform, this jet engine manufacturing facility used an in-house DOS-based system for compliance, quality, audits, and training. Like many DOS-based systems, the legacy user-interface and lack of configurability limited its functionality and prevented the site from conducting efficient audits. Due to system limitations, audits had to consist of specific questions for a specific cell on a specific date and could not be randomized, making it difficult to truly ensure process integrity. 

In an attempt to update their training process and standardize their data, this facility began a Covalent implementation in Q4 2021. Plant leadership made sure to have clear objectives and goals for their implementation. The main goal was to ensure a smooth and efficient auditing process to identify and close skill coverage gaps across their facility. They achieved this by creating and mapping over 180 different audit evaluations and efficiently deploying those evaluations back to specific operators. 

Post Implementation

Once the workforce data was standardized within Covalent, the facility was able to begin a new auditing process. In addition to standardizing data in Covalent, this facility deployed connected tablets, empowering auditors to perform just-in-time evaluations to ensure process consistency. They audited approximately 500 workers out of their 800 strong workforce in the first three months. These audits confirmed that the workers were up to date on their qualifications and had the requisite skill-set necessary to complete work at their stations. With the data now standardized, leadership was able to identify gaps in training backed by hard numbers and develop new training plans to close these gaps. Based on the data collected through process audits, in the past two months, the facility was able to deploy and complete an additional 260 process specific trainings, increasing average skill coverage by 38.5%

“The implementation of Covalent has provided leadership with the peace of mind in verifying that their operators are performing their jobs with the utmost integrity and creating parts with world-class quality.” - Training & Quality Leader

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