Covalent API

Leverage powerful integrations to transform workforce operations

Create Value through our API
Connect the dots and get the most out of your workforce data


  • Auto-assign role-based training
  • Inform hiring and scheduling plans
  • Enable skills-based career-pathing
  • Maintain personnel data

Production & Quality Systems

  • Reduce risk of quality issues
  • Reduce downtime
  • Deploy quality-based remediation
  • Analyze root cause of non-conformance


  • Drive qualification-based process control
  • Map station specific performance to skill-level
  • Generate new skill requirements as new equipment goes online
API Features
The Covalent API leverages GraphQL, providing customers with the flexibility to ask for exactly what they need and avoid over and under fetching. GraphQL APIs provide all of your data in a single request, ensuring quicker connections and more performant integrations.
Enhanced Security
Through AWS Cognito, customers can ensure Simple and Secure User Sign-Up, Sign-In, and Access Control. AWS Cognitosupports multi-factor authentication and encryption of data-at-rest and in-transitensuring that your data is always secure.
Training and Onboarding
How-to guides and comprehensive documentation is available to ensure developers have all of the resources they need to work with our APIs. Covalent also provides secure sandbox environments so teams can create, iterate and test projects efficiently prior to deployment..
Integration Benefits
Import data from both HR systems and active directories to create a holistic view of your workforce and their capabilities in Covalent, while maintaining access control policies and data integrity. Leadership can also leverage this connection to assign role-based training more efficiently to close coverage gaps..

Integration with time and attendance systems provides plant leadership with a real time view on worker and skill availability. This real time data empowers plant leadership to accurately and efficiently allocate workforce resources in response to different staffing and demand scenarios.

Leverage the detailed qualification data in the Covalent platform to create qualification-based gating of specific machines or processes. Ensure that workers are only accessing tasks for which they have been qualified, driving improved worker safety, compliance and quality outcomes.
Map specific operational data from MES or QMS platforms to Covalent via API to inform employee qualification and requalification workflows, driving a tighter connection to true workforce capabilities.  
Deploy specific off-platform learning experiences to workers right from the Covalent application and drive subsequent actions from the results, all in flow of work.