New Feature: Delivering critical updates to the inbox

“Since the new email feature was released, technicians on the shop floor are now taking initiative to complete trainings and this has completely impacted their shop floor culture in the best way. Previously, admins needed to do more legwork to get trainees to follow up. Thank you for delivering exactly what we needed and everything we asked for.”  Quality Leader, A&D Production Facility  

Driving targeted value with the right email alerts

If managed correctly, multi-channel alerts can be a powerful way to improve prioritization and increase the speed of decision-making. Because of this, we’ve relaunched our email alert service to all users to ensure we  strike the right balance of information to communicate with frontline leaders and operators off the shop floor.

Covalent Email: What’s New?

We’re excited to launch this new capability and eager to get you and your teams up and running with Covalent. For more information about the Covalent platform, please check out more of our product or reach out!

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