How is Covalent different than a learning management system (LMS)?

LMS’s and LXP’s (learning experience platforms) are incredibly well-designed for facilitating classroom training and e-learning. These are mature, proven solutions for particular types of learning and learning environments.

But spend a few shifts on the production floor of an advanced manufacturing environment, and one quickly appreciates the unique set of challenges to administering on-the-job training (OJT) well. Here’s what we’ve heard from a range of Fortune 500 industrial companies that have struggled to customize their corporate LMSs to fit the needs of production environments:

Training managers:

Example skills matrix with “harvey ball” logic and coverage levels

Frontline leaders, including supervisors, shift leads, and trainers:

Production managers

Quality managers


LMS’s play a major role in the learning journey of most hourly production workers today…off the floor. In industrial environments, we most often see LMS’s facilitate corporate onboarding, EHS, and professional development. Yet, it’s not uncommon — even for Fortune 500 companies with highly customized LMSs — to use paper and spreadsheets to manage OJT on the floor. We see it all the time. Once those workers “hit the floor”… industrial operations require a purpose-built, interoperable solution to take up the baton.

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