Dynamic production environments require a dynamic solution to training and capability management.
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Automotive Leaders are using Covalent to

Agile Decision Making

"In an ever-changing manufacturing environment, our on-the-job training MUST be accurate, flexible and efficient. Covalent meets our business needs."
- Josh Lemieux, Plant Operations Trainer, Polaris Industries

Accelerate Ramp Times

"Before Covalent, OJT was really difficult. We needed to thumb through hundreds of pages of paper while we were busy on the line.  Covalent makes the process much better and faster."
- Group Lead, Automotive Assembly

Drive Labor Productivity

"Covalent has been an instrumental tool. It's easy and practical to use. It helps gives our production team an easy way to track the progression of an employee and a visual representation of coverage on a job. Covalent has been vital with tracking high attrition, new employee onboarding, and ensuring we have proper job coverage.
- Sr. Process Engineer, Polaris
Auto-generate skills matrices with real-time, granular data that is accessible to your team and scoped to individual permissions
Prompt action with escalating notifications, visualize coverage gaps, and identify qualified or soon-to-be qualified workers across facility
Visualize time-to-productivity to identify bottlenecks and streamline processes

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