Workforce Intelligence
Leverage robust workforce qualification data to answer critical workforce questions & support decision-making processes
Make Informed Decisions
Built-in reporting capabilities to better understand:
  • Who has the skills to be staffed on a particular job?
  • How proficient is my workforce? How will this evolve?
  • How do we accelerate time-to-productivity?
Put Data to Work

Training Efficiency

  • Quickly identify bottlenecks within training processes and remediate them
  • Analyze training and ramp efficiency over periods of time and across different cohorts of operators
  • Inform process change decisions with concrete data
Quality & Compliance
  • Stay on top of certification and qualification maintenance with Covalent expiration forecasts
  • Identify largest certification compliance gaps and escalate actions to key stakeholders
  • Merge qualification data with corrective action reports or non-conformance history to set remediation workflows for operators
Coverage Analysis
  • Determine coverage levels on any given shift in any given area
  • Arm frontline leaders with critical skill information for pre-shift allocations
  • Identify cross-training opportunities dynamically to match current and future demand
Workforce Planning
  • Determine future skills gaps and optimal training levels to meet a variety of demand scenarios
  • Produce comprehensive workforce plans based on granular skill data, reducing labor overhead
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