What are key initiatives to improve Workforce Operations?
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What is Workforce Operations?
Workforce Operations is the framework that allows manufacturers to strategically coordinate workforce systems, processes, and activities to ensure they meet their goals.

Why is it important?
Technological advances are happening faster than ever, resulting in workers having to learn new skills quickly and efficiently. Manufacturers must adopt a modern take on workforce operations in response to these market forces.

What is the Covalent Platform?

The Covalent Platform manages workforce operations in the most demanding and complex manufacturing environments: increasing skill coverage, boosting productivity and driving down the cost of poor quality through better process control.

Select manufacturers using Covalent to transform their workforce operations:

Fortune 100
Aerospace & Defense

Fortune 500
Aerospace & Defense
What Our Customers Are Saying

“I have not seen a product like this on the market: Covalent’s platform allows us to truly ramp up a training program for a product line. This is something Training Managers and professionals previously struggled with on a daily basis.”

VP OF OPERATIONS, Fortune 500 Automotive Manufacturer

"The value proposition of your product is stronger now than ever. There are less people to do the same jobs. There is less oversight capacity. People cannot afford to maintain spreadsheets. I honestly wish we had all of our shops on Covalent ... it would help give people a better understanding of where their skills gaps and overlap are."

Digital Operations & Quality leader, Fortune 500 A&D manufacturer

"Before Covalent, OJT was really difficult. We needed to thumb through hundreds of pages of paper while we were busy on the line.  This new system makes the process much better and faster."

operator, Fortune 500 Automotive manufacturer