Industries We Serve

Covalent works with some of the most advanced technical workforces in the world. We operate in complex, dynamic environments where training and skill validation matter.

Aerospace & Defense

Specialized operations demand a rigorous solution
Ensure compliance
Drive labor productivity
Enable planning

"As a Quality Engineer, I used to need to conduct internal spot check audits. With Covalent, unqualifed workers are blocked from buying-off on parts. It's mistake-proof."

- Quality Engineer, Fortune 500 A&D Manufacturer
Orchestrate complex qualifications
Covalent is architected for complex parent/child relationships, unique requalification processes, capturing units/hours delivered, multi-level sign-offs, and more
Enable mistake-proofing
Feed real-time qualification data into manufacturing systems to enable qualification-based gating on work-order buy-offs
Ensure auditability
Auto-generate skill matrices and audit trails for internal and external regulators


Dynamic operations demand a dynamic solution
Enable agile decision-making
Accelerate ramp times
Drive labor productivity

"In an ever-changing manufacturing environment, our on-the-job training MUST be accurate, flexible and efficient. Covalent meets our business needs."

- Josh Lemieux, Plant Operations Trainer, Polaris Industries
Deliver accurate skills data to the frontline

Auto-generate skills matrices with real-time, granular data that is accessible to your team and scoped to individual permissions
Ensure coverage
Prompt action with escalating notifications, visualize coverage gaps, and identify qualified or soon-to-be qualified workers across the shop
Accelerate time-to-productivity
Visualize time-to-productivity to identify bottlenecks and streamline processes
Other Industries
Energy & Utilities
Medical Devices
Heavy Equipment & Machinery
Technical Field Services